Clean Label is shaping the food and beverage
industry, and Plantify is leading the way

Why Plantify?

Consumers are seeking Clean Label food products in a big way!

Invest In The Future Of Food

Consumer Habits Have Changed:
They seek whole natural ingredients, no chemicals or other additives, minimal processing, and food that provides the right nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

I look for packaged food that only contains “clean” ingredients, or ingredients that I recognize as food.

I always read labels of the food I buy.

I would buy organic food if it was less expensive

We Are A Clean Label Food Company

Whole Natural

Low Processing

No Chemical

No Added Sugars

Free From Common

Key Investment Highlights

Innovative Clean Label Foods

Plantify Foods offers truly Clean Label food products, which can be produced at scale, are convenient, and offered to consumers at accessible price points.

Stong Foundation For Growth

Plantify Foods has already launched 38 products under 4 different product categories, distributed through its distributor network in its local market of Israel, and emerging markets such as Europe and the United States.

Omnichannel Sales Strategy

Plantify Foods continues to target multiple sales funnels including retail, food service and white-label opportunities, allowing for a broader penetration and acceptance of products.

Ready To Scale

The current production facility is easily scalable and provides the Company runway to serve market demand and support its North American and European growth targets.

Competitive Advantage

All products can maintain a similar and sometimes longer shelf-life to non-Clean Label food products, expanding distribution reach. Plantify is becoming a leader for Clean Label in the food industry.