Our Products

Easy to prepare, simple, tasty, and healthy –
Taste the Plantify difference!

Our Products

Dips | Spreads | Salads

Enhance the flavour of any dish or sandwhich


A variety of hearty stews that make meal prep a breeze


Veggie Nuggets | Balls

A variety of crispy veggie nuggets and balls


A variety of tasty and easy to prepare soups

Our current offering is comprised of four key product lines, all of which have no added sugars and are:

Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Soy-Free | Nut-Free | Non-GMO

Kosher | Halal

Sales Channels & Partners

Plantify Foods produces products for all levels of the food chain, from:

    • White Label,
    • Professional Food Services; and
    • Wholesale & Retail

With our wide variety of products (+38 products across 4 main product categories), our offering is diverse and constantly under review.

What Is Clean Label?


‘Clean Label’ is a non-government regulated term that refers mainly to non-scientific, plain language on packaging, reduced allergens and additives, and fewer, more recognizable ingredients. Some companies may also go further to communicate their ethically sourced, organic, or non-GMO ingredients as part of this trend.

Clean label is not about consumers eating less packaged foods, but about a desire to have these same packaged foods made with more ‘wholesome’ ingredients that are closer to their natural state.

We Are A Clean Label Food

No Chemical

Low Processing &
Whole Ingredients

No Added Sugars

Free From Common

Food Innovation

We are committed to innovating and improving our products. With Plantify Foods, there will always be something for everyone. Our R&D department are always working hard, cooking up our next line of healthy and tasty products.

Learn more about our
Food Innovation R&D


Plantify Foods wants ensure the world has access to natural, healthy and tasty foods. But what if we could make them Better-For-You? What if on top of being healthy, they could heal?

We are embarking on ground-breaking R&D into Functional Foods.

Functional Foods

Functional foods are foods that offer health benefits beyond their nutritional value.

Types of Functional Foods:

Probiotics & Prebiotics
Plant Sterols & Stanols
Natural Antioxidants

Whole Natural Foods!

At Plantify, we make all of our fabulous food with whole, natural ingredients, low-processing, and no chemical preservatives or food additives. Our foods are free of common allergens like gluten or soy.

We don’t use ingredients like pea proteins that lose many of their nutrients during processing.

Our foods are simply made – as you would make them yourself at home!