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Navigating health & wellness can be tricky, especially with the amount information out there. We at Plantify aim to provide you with the right kind of resources to make informed decisions about your nutritional health. Within this Knowledge Centre, you will find useful articles and blogs that breakout small sets of information for easy consumption, as well as a full and transparent explanation of what Clean Label means for you as a consumer.

What Is Clean Label?

‘Clean Label’ is a non-government regulated term that refers mainly to non-scientific, plain language on packaging, reduced allergens and additives, and fewer, more recognizable ingredients. Some companies may also go further to communicate their ethically sourced, organic, or non-GMO ingredients as part of this trend.

Clean label is not about consumers eating less packaged foods, but about a desire to have these same packaged foods made with more ‘wholesome’ ingredients that are closer to their natural state.


We Are A Clean Label Food Company

Evolution of Humans and our Eating Habits

As Humans Have Evolved So Have Our Eating Habits

  • Balancing Necessity and Enjoyment
  • Convenience
  • Middle-Class Rise and Culinary Diversity
  • Globalization and Ethnic Foods
  • Supplier Adaptation – Pre-packaged & Ultra-Processed Foods
  • Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions
  • Nutrition Neglect

Current Trend Towards Food

  • Demand for Healthy and Natural Foods
  • Convenience Remains Important
  • Education and Awareness
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Industrial Revolution

Developed society migrates from villages to city with busier lifestyles leading to pre-packaged and ready to use meals.


Demand for convenience and more variety

Agricultural Revolution

Permanent settlements and farms lead to land cultivation, growing more crops like grains and vegetables.


Cultivated new foods and new methods of cooking

Paleolithic Era

Primitive human communities of hunter/gatherers who ate for sustenance and relied heavily on foraging offset by protein through hunting.


Food was a simple necessity

Ultra Processed Foods

    There have been numerous studies on the effects on Ultra Processed Foods (UPF) on our health, all of which show damaging effects for anyone consuming them in high amounts. But what does ’Ultra Processed’ mean?

    Ultra Processed Food Definition – UPF is an industrially formulated edible substance derived from natural food or synthesized from other organic compounds. The resulting products are designed to be highly profitable, convenient, and hyperpalatable, often through the use of food additives such as preservatives, colourings, and flavourings.

    The state of research into ultra-processed foods and their effects is evolving rapidly as of 2023. Epidemiological data suggest that consumption of UPF is associated with higher risks of certain diseases, including, obesity; type 2 diabetes; cardiovascular diseases; and certain types of cancer.

    Researchers also present ultra-processing as a facet of environmental degradation, which addresses concerns of sustainability in our food industry.

    Ultra Processed Foods VS Clean Label

      A simple Google search will uncover a vast array of studies showing the various effects of consuming UPF as part of our diet.

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      There have been numerous studies on the effects on Ultra Processed Foods (UPF) on our health, all of which show damaging effects for anyone consuming them in high amounts. But what does ’Ultra Processed’ mean?

      In an article titled “Ultra-Processed Food Targets Bone Quality Via Endochondral Ossification”, published in, looks at the effects of consuming UPF on your bone density.

      Consumption of an ultra-processed diet leads to growth retardation and to alterations in bone architecture and biomechanical properties.

      How to Spot the Difference Between UPF and Clean Label Foods

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      The World Is Going Clean

      Inspired by health and environmental concerns, consumers are seeking Clean Label Food products in a big way

      Our Goal Is To Inspire Positive Change In The Food Industry By Setting The Standard For Clean Label Food

      Whole Natural

      Low Processing

      No Chemical

      No Added Sugars

      Free From Common